Game Day Sports Insurance

Thai Expat Club is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the Farringdon Group in Kuala Lumpur (and IHI-BUPA) to offer Game Day Sports Insurance for sporting teams throughout Asia.

Non-professional sporting teams and individuals from any country in Asia can now apply for game day sports insurance coverage to compete in any other country around the world (with few restrictions).

Sports Insurance

No matter what sport you play, there is always an element of risk. Of course, with contact sport, the risk of physical injury is much higher. While it’s difficult to protect or avoid this risk of injury when you enter the ‘field of battle’, you can easily protect yourself against the financial impact of an injury, and in doing so ensure that whatever medical care you need is not determined by or limited by your bank balance or credit limit.  In addition you can also avoid burdening your family or teammates to help you pay the high costs of medical treatment by recognising the risks and obtaining easy and affordable coverage.

It is for this reason (and others) that many sporting administrators and sporting organisations around the world are insisting that sports insurance be compulsory for all players whether competing at home or overseas.

Clearly the best time to be considering your sport-coverage is NOW, rather than after you are injured or being carried off the field on the way to the hospital!

Local and International Healthcare Policies – Restrictions

While many International Healthcare policies will cover most recreational sports and activities in your resident country, subject to certain conditions or exclusions (e.g. not professional sports or motor related sports) many often limit or restrict coverage if the insured is injured playing sport outside their country of residence. Also, most Local healthcare providers exclude sport entirely from their coverage whether in the clients country of residence or overseas. It was for this reason that the Farringdon Group invested a great deal of time and effort in building a stand-alone or Supplemental Sports Insurance product to meet the needs of clients who participate in sports or higher-risk recreational activities outside their country of residence

Existing Clients

As an example, the Farrington Group has been providing customised Sports Insurance for most of the Aussie-Rules Football Teams in Asia for some time now, providing quality medical protection when they travel overseas for games and championships. In recent years, there have been two very serious injuries (both requiring immediate surgery) to players while on the field.  The policy not only met 100% of the costs but also replaced the players return flight tickets once they were discharged.

Cover Basics

The IHI-BUPA policy was adapted and customised from a Travel Insurance policy to cover you and your team on and off the field when you travel overseas. This means that it can only cover you for treatment required outside your country of normal residence. Hence, once you return back home, coverage and validity ceases, and your regular insurer shall take over and provide coverage for you there on.

You can also read your policy’s general terms and conditions by downloading the following documents: IHI-BUPA Coverage and IHI-BUPA Brochure.

In summary, the 4 Essential points to remember during the coverage period:

  • Carry your cover-note on your person at all times (or in your kit-bag when on field)
  • Get immediate medical treatment in the event of acute injury/illness during your coverage period
  • Contact IHI/Bupa or Farringdons if you have a query/question relating to the medical event
  • Complete your treatment before returning to your normal country of residence. If this results in you missing your return flight, the insurance will replace it provided the claim is valid.

What’s covered:

  • Emergency and outpatient treatment
  • Free choice of hospital
  • Hospitalisation
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Medical evacuation / repatriation
  • Cover limit is USD 300,000 each trip


How does it work?

This Sports Insurance is available on a per-person per-day basis. In most cases, we organise and liaise with your Team Organiser rather than each player separately. If you are a sports-person and you feel that you and your team may not be adequately protected on the field, do please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

Your team plans the number of players travelling and the cover period needed, and Farringdon will issue a personal cover-note to you directly. These cover-notes ensure you are accepted without question at the hospital once you arrive. Your team organiser will also be provided details of persons covered – a worthy precaution

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