Game Day Sports Insurance

Non-professional sporting teams and individuals from any country can now apply for game day sports insurance to compete in any other country around the world (excluding War Zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan).

Game Day Insurance which was previously only available to sporting teams has now been opened up so that individuals can register themselves through our payment gateway below.  This is somewhat of a new development and has been introduced to help cut-down the administration work of sports team administrators.

Cover Basics

The IHI-BUPA policy has been adapted and customised from a Travel Insurance policy to cover you and your team on and off the field when you travel overseas. This means that it will cover you for treatment while you are traveling but will not cover you for treatment back in your normal country of residence. Hence, once you return back home, coverage and validity ceases, and your regular insurer shall take over and provide coverage from there on.

You can also read the policy’s general terms and conditions by downloading the following documents: IHI-BUPA Coverage and IHI-BUPA Brochure.

What’s covered?

  • Emergency and outpatient treatment
  • Free choice of hospital
  • Hospitalisation
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Medical evacuation / repatriation
  • Cover limit is USD 300,000 each trip

There are 4 Essential points to remember during the coverage period:

  • Carry your cover-note on your person at all times (or in your kit-bag when on field)
  • Get immediate medical treatment in the event of acute injury/illness during your coverage period
  • Contact IHI/Bupa or Farringdons if you have a query/question relating to the medical event
  • Complete your treatment before returning to your normal country of residence. If this results in you missing your return flight, the insurance will replace it provided the claim is valid.

How does it work?

It’s important to understand that this policy is for emergencies only that require immediate hospital treatment. Units must be purchased at least 48 hours before departure from the player’s resident country and coverage is only available once outside their country of residence.  Some players/teams will choose to take match day cover only but most will cover their whole trip (depending on their length of stay).

SPORTS TEAMS – How does it work?

In this case, we organise and liaise directly with your Team Organiser rather than with individual players.  Your team anticipates the number of players travelling, collects details from each player and emails a spread sheet back to us at least 48 hours before leaving your home country.  Cover notes for each individual on the list are then emailed back to your team organiser prior to the event. These cover-notes ensure players are accepted without question at the hospital should you seek treatment. Your team organiser will also be sent details of persons covered – a worthy precaution.

Your team organiser will generally decide if a single unit for each day is sufficient or whether you need multiple units to cover the period of your stay.  Generally one unit for each day of the competition is enough although it’s important to remember that if you have an emergency, hospital treatment needs to commence during the period your insurance coverage is active.    Teams receive a discount for collecting each players details and emailing them to us as one individual document or file.

Team Managers Purchase Here

INDIVIDUALS – How does it work?

Game Day Insurance can also be purchased on an Individual basis. Players are provided with a link to the URL below, enter their details and pay online at least 48 hours before departing their country of residence.  (Any major credit card can be used.)  Your personal details will then be forwarded to the insurance provider (BUPA Global) who will issue an insurance cover note.  This cover note will be emailed to you with details of your policy within 48 hours prior to your sporting event.

You may choose to purchase a single unit for each day of your event or multiple units if you want the insurance to extend over the total period of your visit. Generally one unit for each day of the competition is enough although it’s important to remember that if you have an emergency, hospital treatment needs to commence during the period your insurance coverage is active.  Registering as an individual is slightly more expensive than registering as a team.

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Sports Insurance – Contact us to discuss your concerns

No matter what sport you play, there is always an element of risk. Of course, with contact sport, the risk of physical injury is much higher. While it’s difficult to protect or avoid this risk of injury when you enter the ‘field of battle’, you can easily protect yourself against the financial impact of an injury, and in doing so ensure that whatever medical care you need is not determined by or limited by your bank balance or credit limit.  In addition you can also avoid burdening your family or teammates to help you pay the high costs of medical treatment by recognising the risks and obtaining easy and affordable coverage.

It is for this reason (and others) that many sporting administrators and sporting organisations around the world are insisting that sports insurance be compulsory for all players whether competing at home or overseas.

Clearly the best time to be considering your sport-coverage is NOW, rather than after you are injured or being carried off the field on the way to the hospital!

If you are a sports-person and feel that you or your team may not be adequately protected on the field, please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns and team requirements.