Health Insurance

Thai Expat Club offers affordable, locally based, health insurance / medical cover.  Membership of Thai Expat Club entitles you to receive AETNA’s thai based health insurance at the affordable group rate.

Please see the following table for a general introduction to the range of benefits across three different plans under the Thai Expat Club scheme.

BENEFITPlan 6Plan 7Plan 8
INPATIENT & DAY BENEFITS Room & Board (Max payable per day) 2,5003,0004,000
HOSPITAL GENERAL EXPENSES Drugs, dressing, X-ray, operating theatre & emergency treatment (Maximum per disability)40,00050,00060,000
SURGICAL FEE Surgical fee per disability paid as a percentage in accordance with complexity55,00065,00070,000
PHYSICIAN'S FEE In-patient physicians fee for doctor visits per day1,2001,3001,500
PERSONAL ACCIDENT Lump sum payment in the event of death or dismemberment (50% for m/cycle accident)400,000500,000600,000
MAJOR MEDICAL Pays 80% of eligible medical expenses in excess of basic in-patient benefits400,000500,000600,000
OUTPATIENT (PER VISIT) Includes consultation, drugs, x-ray & lab test - max 30 visits/year1,0001,2001,500
ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION10,88612,95215,929
Administraion fee500500500
TOTAL COST (Inclusive of tax & stamp duty)11,38613,45116,429

Note: All values in the above table are in Thai Baht (THB) and should be treated as a guide for comparison purposes only.  Further details and conditions are available on request.

More extensive Health cover options are available under Personal Care should you require a higher level of cover or broader range of benefits.

Direct settlement of hospital fees is made with a AETNA membership card providing access to over 300 hospitals. You will be surprised at just how affordable our plans are.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a group presentation at your workplace.

Download forms:
Thai Expat Club – Application form
Thai Expat Club – Schedule of Benefits