Annual Travel Insurance

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Who is Annual Travel insurance for?

Annual travel insurance is perfect for frequent travelers, academics, business owners, retirees, journalists and writers sent on last minute assignments

If you take more than 2-3 trips per year then annual travel insurance is an essential part of your travelling plans.  You can save yourself money, time and leave yourself free to focus on the adventure by ensuring this essential part of your preparation is not forgotten.

Annual Travel Insurance through Thai Expat Club is available to expats and Thai nationals aged 1 year to 75 years of age living, working, retired or otherwise legally resident in Thailand.


Cost effective – Save yourself hundreds of dollars by purchasing one annual travel insurance plan for the year rather than single trip insurance each time.  Purchasing annual travel insurance works out much cheaper over a year than purchasing single trip insurance each time.

Time efficient – Research and pay once a year and you’re covered for 12 months.  Purchasing Travel Insurance for single trips is time consuming.  With Annual Travel Insurance you only need complete one single online application each year are you’re good to go.  Much more time efficient than completing a separate application and waiting for the policy to arrive each time.

Freedom to focus on the adventure – Having purchased travel insurance for the year means you’ll have one less thing to worry about before each trip.  This leaves you free to focus on your business or holiday without worrying about travel insurance which is vitally important but easy to forget.

What plans are available?

We offer 3 levels of coverage for Annual Travel Insurance designed for leisure or business travellers alike.  Please click one of the links for further information:

Annual travel insurance means that you can travel for up to 90 days at a time outside Thailand knowing that you’re safe and sound if something happens.  In order to ensure your Annual Insurance remains valid for each traveling period you must return to Thailand before the end of each 90 day trip.

What countries are included?

This insurance provides medical and accident coverage in the more expensive regions of America and Hong Kong.

However, there are certain countries such as war zones and other places which could not be included. These countries include Afghanistan, Africa (except Republic of South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Namibia and Botswana), Azerbaijan, Cuba, India, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Tajistan, Tukmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

This insurance also does not include coverage for injuries received while the insured is riding or being a passenger on a motorcycle

When does the cover start?

The coverage will start immediately after payment confirmation has been received. We will email your insurance policy or contact you within 24 hours if further information is required or missing.

How do I apply?

Application Process

Submit your application ONLINE

  1. Select the level of coverage you want
  2. Enter your details via the online system
  3. Attach a copy of your passport (front page)
  4. Transfer payment to Thai Expat Club account
  5. Your policy will be emailed to you (within 24 hours)

I’m after single-trip travel insurance?

We can also provide very affordable single-trip or one-trip travel insurance if you prefer.  Please download the application form from this link and check the plan details page for pricing.  You should complete the application form and email it back to us through our contact page together with a copy of the front page of your passport.  Your policy will be emailed to you (within 24 hours) after your payment is received via Thai Expat Club.

Download forms:
Single Trip Travel – Application Form
Single Trip Plan Details – Table of Benefits & Pricing