Saving Plans

We offer a range of affordable saving plans through Dhipaya Life Assurance company supported by attractive interest rates and tax deductible components.

Please see the following benefits of a popular life assurance policy which incorporates a savings plan.

PeriodAnnual PaymentCash-Back per year (12%)Death BenefitCash Surrender Value
1100,000 THB12,121 THB101,010 THB22,020 THB
2100,000 THB12,121 THB202,020 THB77,778 THB
3100,000 THB12,121 THB303,030 THB192,626 THB
4100,000 THB12,121 THB404,040 THB296,565 THB
5100,000 THB12,121 THB505,050 THB421,616 THB
6100,000 THB12,121 THB606,060 THB517,373 THB
7-150 THB96,970 THB606,060 THBYear 14 594,343 THB
150 THB618,181 THB606,060 THB816,181 THB

A tax deduction of 15-20% on contributions  is allowable each year together with a cash back of 12,121 per annum.  The plan yields a net profit of 187,877 THB (Cash Back-Premium Payments = 187,877 THB) over the term.

Great for those looking for a low risk tax deductible savings plan with a healthy interest rate.

For information please contact Khun Siwat at [email protected] or telephone +6684 355 5955

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Saving Plan – Example 15/6


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