Sports Accident Insurance

Thai Expat Club in partnership with our insurance provider offers sports accident insurance for amateur sporting teams and individuals traveling into and out of Thailand.  Individuals and teams can apply for 3-31 days insurance depending on the length of stay.

The risk of injury increases when traveling to another country for sport which is why most Health and Travel Insurance companies often exclude sport coverage  inside and outside the participant’s home country.

For this reason, Sports Accident Insurance has been developed to include cover for sporting participants from 500,000 thb to 1,000,000 thb depending on your choice of plan. In the case of “outbound” insurance (people living in Thailand and travelling to another country for sport) the top cover extends to sickness as well as loss of luggage and personal effects.

The financial impact of any form of accident or unplanned hospitalisation in another country not only effects the injured persons bank balance but also affects other members of the team who can feel obligated to help.  Sports Accident insurance helps offset this situation with pricing to match both young and senior sports people alike.

We cover Australian Rules football, cricket, golf, rugby, tennis, netball, volleyball and many other sports which traditionally have been difficult to find insurance for.

Two major categories of plans exist for players. They are outbound (for people living in Thailand and travelling to another country for sport) or inbound (for people living outside Thailand and travelling to Thailand for sport).  Click above for details of plans.

How to apply

Individuals or *Teams

  1. First decide whether you need outbound (living in Thailand and travelling to another country for sport) or inbound (living outside of Thailand and travelling to Thailand for sport)
  2. Decide if you want Safe Plus Plan or Safe Plan for outbound travelers or Escort or Escort Plus for inbound travelers.
  3. Enter your details and choice of plan into the online system on the next page at least 4 days prior to travelling
  4. Select the relevant outbound (Safe Plus Plan or Safe Plan) or inbound (Escort or Escort Plus) plan
  5. Select the relevant policy and payment gateway to complete the payment
  6. Attached a photo image of the front page of your passport to the file tab and press send
  7. A policy document will be emailed to each participant within 48 hours

* Team organisers may download the excel document by clicking the excel link at the bottom of this site.  The sheet should be completed and returned to us with a copy of the front page of each participants passport (Be sure to return not less than 4 days before)

Before you Travel 

  • Carry your policy document and passport with you at all times to ensure you will be accepted into the hospital you choose for treatment.
  • Get immediate treatment in the event of an acute injury
  • Complete your treatment before returning to your home country (the coverage ends once you have returned or your policy expires, whichever is first.)
  • Contact the 24-hour Hotline Service number +66 (0) 2205 7727 should you need medical assistance during the trip.